Secret Pages
Brass page


#1 - #199

To begin with, it's a real project, in which your NFT's will be revalued at the time of the launch of the series on one of the most important streaming platforms of the moment.

On the other hand, it isn't just pages of a script, but you will enjoy a new artistic style inspired by real precious materials with a chic and clean aesthetic.

Silver page


#200 - #349

You can find the text in private properties. This is what I mean by the explicit text (characters, dialogues, introduction and contextualization of the scene, etc).

The project is based on the Secret Network. So the gas fees are extremely low when it comes to obtaining the product or transferring it.

Golden page


#350 - #449

With the purchase you will have in your possession a minute on the screen which is what a standard script page is equivalent to. In other words, you will own a piece of some scene from this fantastic series.

For this very reason the utility outside the Metaverse is clear. The system allows you to have, apart from the NFT, the page in pdf format which you can print and have in your hands to enjoy your acquisition in your own way. Allowing to obtain the NFT also physically.

Diamond page


#450 - #499

Just for now all the different rarities and traits are at the same starting price (150 scrt). With this we intend to benefit the first investors who trust in the project to the maximum.

Then the price of each of the items will be selected by the secondary market, which is what the sales system is mainly aimed at.

Dark page



Finally we keep our community active with different events based on giveaways and cashback system, where you can get these exclusive NFT's totally free.

So stay tuned to our social networks and official statements!


Q3 2021

Convert simple pages to an artistic design

Q3 2021

Minting the full collection

Q4 2021

Incorporate the metadata

Q4 2021

Secret Network (Stashh)

Q4 2021

Tokenomics $SCRPAG

Q4 2021

Web3 DeFi

Q1 2022

Lands for sale

Q2 2022

$SCRPAG ecosystem begins

Q3 2022

Trailer release

Q4 2022

Launch of the series